Eli is product researcher, maker, and founder. He's passionate about products that help people better understand each other and themselves.

Eli has led product teams at companies small and large, from tiny startups (Noom, Chartbeat) all the way up to giant Fortune 500s (AOL Mail).

He's also launched 3 independent products:

  • Unblab: an intelligent email prioritization service (acquired by AOL)
  • Notch.me: for encouraging, personalized health-data visualizations
  • Nodd.co: the safest way for managers to get honest team feedback

Eli graduated from the University of North Carolina, where he studied computer science and worked on research projects related to data visualization and machine learning.

Experience highlights include:

VP Engagement at Noom

Eli has been instrumental in bringing a more organized process to studying users
Founder of Notch.me
There’s something sort of rock star about a gorgeously designed infographic created about something so personal and banal as how many steps you took today.
Co-Founder of Unblab
AOL Acquires Email Prioritization App Unblab To Boost Project Phoenix